Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Chaneel's Xtra Hr_Black In America

The Rand Family Reunion located in Houston, Texas
  • stories of success and struggles
  • Rubystein finds family roots
  • The Black Rands & White Rands meet for the first time
70% of high school students graduate in 4 years
  • only 50% for the blacks graduate
  • 1 student every 26 seconds drops out
  • a black kid in America scores below any other race in the world on standardized test
low class families
  • Sandra Adella"In my neighborhood I can buy a gun quicker than I can buy a tomato"
  • Blacks die about 5 years earlier than whites
single parent families
  • Marry My Baby Daddy is an organization set up to wed unwed parents
  • 40 baby daddies have been married through this organization
  • 54% of black kids grow up in poverty
  • 38% of white kids grow up like this also
Bi-Racial Relationships
problems: being mixed, not fitting in, being teased, confused(not knowing what to call yourself)

Cost of Cool

According to market researchers, the most influential of all the young trendsetters is the disaffected minority teenager, particularly the urban black male. Drawing upon their street and prison experiences, they have created a raw and irreverent hip-hop culture that marketers describe as a “cultural triangle” of fashion, music, and sports. Marketing studies not that this urban youth culture has “a major impact on consumer preferences in the general market in the United States and worldwide in a wide range of industries, including apparel, footwear, soft-drinks, packaged foods, personal-care products, and all facets of the entertainment industry” (Packaged Facts, 2000 quoted in Teaching Youth Media, 2003 pg 27).